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My Story


Nice to meet you! I am a Reiki Master Teacher with a Fine Arts and Human Resources background. I also have training in Integrated Energy Therapy as well as certification as a Meditation Instructor. My creative and career pursuits have always been driven by a desire to support people in discovering and living authentically. To do that we must clear away any energy blockages that limit us. While working with a client’s energy field I use Reiki (universal life force energy) to provide the most benefit for the client’s physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. My goal is to introduce others to the world of Reiki and how it can increase their sense of peace, wholeness, balance, and well-being. I have received my Reiki Master level degree which allows me to teach others how to heal with Reiki and spread the love and awareness of this beneficial complementary therapy.

About Leah: Inner_about
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